There’s a lot of “hype” in the real estate Industry, but our guarantee is simple…

We will sell your home in 90 days or less, or I will pay you $500.00.

It’s frustrating to list your home with a real estate broker and have disappointing results. It’s one thing to list a house. It’s another thing to sell it. And it’s quite another thing to sell it at top dollar. I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I developed my GUARANTEED SALES PROGRAM. With my Guaranteed Sales Program, I GUARANTEE, in writing, that I will sell your home in 90 days or less, AT A PRICE ACCEPTABLE TO YOU, or I will pay you $500 at closing. Also, if it does not sale, I will buy your house myself, guaranteed (Ask about our “Buy your listing” program)!

How Can I Make Such a Strong Guarantee?

It’s because I do things different – a lot different than other brokers.
I have a marketing system that will bring five to ten qualified, motivated, ready-to-buy buyers through your home each and every week. With that type of activity, eight out of ten of my listings sell within 30 days.

“I was about to lose my house, but Desmond sold it for full price in 3 weeks! I really appreciated his knowledge and professionalism.”

-Karen Wilkins

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At Newkirk Brokers, we use a 24 point marketing system to market the homes that we list. That’s why my properties usually sell within 30 days. Imagine if 30 to 40 buyers a month had looked at your home – do you think it would be for sale long?
marketing is the key. It’s my job to get qualified, ready-to-buy buyers through your home. And I know how to do that!

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